Thermal Imaging


On your next flight think twice when wanting to sit in or near the emergency exit row which entices you with the extra leg room we all desire on those long haul flights, as they may not be the most comfortable nor warmest location to park your refined derrière. The attached thermographic image shows a cooler exterior surface temperature at the composite aircraft door compared to the aluminium alloy fuselage, with the door clearly suffering from less insulation and possible moisture ingress compared to the adjacent fuselage, (as indicated by the blue colouration in the thermograph), making your journey somewhat colder then your fellow high flying passengers.  As a result, expect to pay more and become a few degrees colder should you opt for the supposedly more comfortable seats, unless that is you are wearing thermals or request several more blankets from the sympathetic cabin staff. Please Like and follow Geo Therm Ltd on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for further hot (or cold) related topics in the world of thermal imaging.

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