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Thermal Imaging Surveys
hot problems cool solutions
Thermal Imaging Surveys
detecting faults in a different wavelength
Thermal Imaging Surveys
compliant with PM and Classification auditing needs
Thermal Imaging Surveys
a non-invasive & cost effective inspection method without interruption
Thermal Imaging Surveys
locating hot-spots before a downtime incident occurs
Thermal Imaging Surveys
prevent catastrophic failure
Thermal Imaging Surveys
enhancing the integrity and safety of vital electrical and mechanical equipment

Offshore Oil and Gas

As Associate members to the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC); we aspire to meet the goals set by the IADC, to serve the offshore drilling and production industries using qualified ASNT & PCN thermographers to improve upon client predictive and preventative maintenance regimes, by detecting elevated temperature anomalies symptomatic with failing equipment - thus improving upon asset safety while saving tens of thousands of pounds in rig preventing downtime incidents. The United Kingdom Thermography Association (UKTA) Code of Practice outlines survey safety for electrical incidents.

Our offshore thermographic surveys are best undertaken while equipment is operating at a minimum of 40% load.

For peace of mind mobilise our experienced offshore surveyors to look for:

  • Non-invasively identifying loose bus-bar bolts and faulty SCR units as part of your rig annual PM requirement
  • Locate loose terminal block connections, failing fuses, load imbalances to reduce accidental shutdowns and fires, before extreme temperatures reach insulation ignition temperatures
  • Monitor bearing temperatures at mud pump shafts during high pressure pumping operations
  • Determine incorrectly tensioned mud pump and draw-work DC motor brushes
  • Assess loose connections in mud pump and draw work terminal boxes
  • Monitor internal and external bulkhead temperatures during flaring operations
  • Check for rotor and stator windings in rig motors and associated motor cooling problems (a 10°C rise above motor ratings cuts a electric motors' life by half)
  • Identify ice/hydrate formation in topside flow lines and assist corrective measures before the forming ice-plug ceases flow
  • Locate circuit breakers and poor connections in accommodation, drill floor and machinery space distribution boards
  • Safely test crane distribution boards and main switching systems during lifting operations
  • Determine equipment suffering from drive shaft misalignment problems
  • Assess tension issues and lubricant deficiencies in bearings and belt driven equipment
  • Monitor main engine and compressor radiator cooling efficiency and locate blockages
  • Identifying passing valves in high pressure process piping, and loose bolts at pipe flanges
  • Assess degraded insulation at process piping and ducting systems
  • Monitor gas leaks from valves and flange joints using our Gas Finder IR camera
  • Assess sludge deposition in silos and storage tanks and determine liquid levels against site glass gauged levels
  • Identify waxing problems and liquid levels due to differences in liquid densities
  • Locate corrosion and paint blistering

We retro-fit CorDEX and IRISS thermal infrared inspection windows for safe visual and annual thermographic surveys into switchboards and other vital electrical equipment, to permit safe viewing of energised equipment without the threat of arc flash or electrocution.

Our exception based interim reports provide a rapid turnaround of information after every offshore survey, two formal reports, a CD report copy and electronic copy are sent to the rig manager or company HQ within seven working days.

When equipment starts to overheat and fail, or when PM’s require performing - think thermally, think Geo Therm Ltd - your offshore thermographic inspection service provider of choice since 2002.