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Infrared Windows
compliant with NFPA 70E requirements
Infrared Windows
permit previously un-inspected equipment to be inspected
Infrared Windows
maintains cabinet integrity, types comply to IP65 rated and certification to 11kV
Infrared Windows
inexpensive, quick to install with short-term investment payback time
Infrared Windows
allows critical systems to be inspected more frequently
Infrared Windows
avoids exposure to live components, arc flash and electrocution
Infrared Windows
retro-fitted to switchboards, transformers and distribution systems
Infrared Windows
easy to use meeting PM needs without de-energising equipment
Infrared Windows
infrared window types are DNV, Lloyds and ABS approved

Infrared Windows

Infrared inspection windows permit a safe and permanent viewing access into energized electrical equipment without disturbing operations.

Specifically developed for infrared and visual inspections, we use Fluke, CorDEX, LumaSense (formal Mikron) and IRISS infrared windows that are typically made of a steel or aluminium ring with a inner transparent crystal lens that is transparent to infrared energy. This allows hot-spot capture whilst maintaining enclosure rating. Infrared inspection windows can be quickly retro-fitted into many types of electrical equipment such as switchboards, switchgear, transformers, MCC’s and generator housings.

The benefits include:

  • Compliance with NFPA 70E requirement for visual and infrared verification of energized electrical equipment,without the need to open covers and become exposed to energized equipment and the potential of arc-flash incidents.
  • Inspection windows are low cost and simple to install.
  • Fitting does not raise the risk of creating an electrical hazard, instead eliminate the typical high-risk behaviours that can create an arc flash incident to occur.
  • The inspection windows provide an easy way for companies and personnel to comply with regulatory (OSHA/CSA) and insurance mandates, by proactively protecting workers by reducing electrocution and arc-flash risk.
  • Infrared inspection window types meet all relevant UL, CSA, IEC, and IEEE standards and are tested by approved agencies such as UL, KEMA, and TUV. Tested samples have withstood HV 11kV+ arcs, vibration, drop and extreme humidity tests and have (where stated) a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Retro-fitting infrared inspection windows eliminate the high‐risk behaviours and arc–flash triggering events involved with open‐panel inspections.
  • Infrared inspections can be completed at peak loading times on all switchgear and allows for one thermographer to complete the survey, thus reducing the traditional high manpower costs associated with live IR inspections.
  • Retro-fittingInfrared inspection windows allows you to inspect previously uninspected equipment and permit the inspection of critical applications more frequently, all with minimal paperwork as systems are always locked.
  • Monitor any system which is suspected to fail, whilst maintaining safety of personnel
  • Freeup critical personnel who can be utilized elsewhere rather than removing and reinstalling panel covers.
  • Save time and money. Eliminate over 90% of the time involved with standard inspections.

Due to the nature of electrical switchgear, 90% of components that an electrician or thermographer want to inspect are normally locked behind bolted panel covers, cabinet doors with switched interlocks etc., making it dangerous to safely remove and routinely inspect live switch gear during live PM assessments. Safe working practices outlined in NFPA 70E have led to the development of retro-fitting infrared windows, which are now an approved method for live visual and infrared inspections. Geo Therm Ltd provide a retro-fitting inspection window service for your offshore and onshore electrical equipment needs.