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Industrial Inspection & Maintenance Services

Geo Therm Ltd are focused on working with every client to limit risks, improve equipment availability and reliability. We offer our independent third party services to ensure compliance with H&S and insurance requirements. We offer LV and HV asset maintenance services, please contact us for more details.

Facilities Maintenance Risk Surveys & Repairs

Contracting our inspection service team to regularly check and highlight electrical deficiencies and repair identified faults will optimise operational schedules, prevent risks to facilities, personnel and operations and ensure ongoing compliance.

IR Insulation Integrity Inspections

Using the latest infrared camera technology, building inspections can provide evidence that a property performs to the specifications of the architect and has a continuity of insulation over the whole visible envelope. Infrared thermography is the ideal tool to detect costly heat loss deficiencies in a building envelope, including but not limited to: damp ingress, air infiltration, radiator blockages, trace underfloor heating routes, water leaks, identify mould growth and electrical overloads.

IR Underground Leak Detection

Under floor heating is fast becoming a norm in new builds. Tracing the energised cabling or tubing route is feasible dependant on its depth. When leaks occur, water will always follow a path of least resistance meaning where it accumulates is not necessarily the source of the leak. A thermal imaging survey is a non-destructive way to target and identify the location of the leak, or calculate the holding capacity of the piping, without having to dig-up the entire flooring.

Electrical IR Inspections & Repairs

IR thermography is a reliable diagnostic tool in electrical equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance. Our IR inspections help maintain viable and safe electrical operations with the ability to visualise overheating equipment or compromised insulation to prevent unplanned shut downs and electrical fires. Internal and external equipment such as electrical power panels, switches, transformers, cables, HV power grids can all be examined safely. Should repairs become necessary our qualified electricians can perform corrective maintenance.

Real Time Asset Viewing - Installation of Panel Mounted IR Cameras

We can provide, install and configure the panel mounted visual and IR inspection camera MN4000. The panel mounted device provides the window into critical assets. The MN4000 captures fully radiometric data every second providing remote access via its dedicated MONITOR software – with the added advantage of being incorporated into existing PLC or SCADA programmes.

Compressed Air Leak Detection & Repairs

Leaks from compressed air systems can cost businesses hundreds, even thousands of pounds per year – depending on the size of the holes and their numbers. Geo Therm Ltd regularly perform compressed Air Leak Detection Surveys using the best ultrasonic detectors available, calculating losses and savings with every survey. Using the sensitive equipment, we can even locate vacuum leaks in a system. Leaks emit high frequency noise above the human hearing range, the technology we use enables us to perform air leak surveys even in noisy environments.

Steam Trap Inspections

Combing our thermal imaging and ultrasonic inspection methods our survey teams can pinpoint steam traps mal-functioning. Infrared thermal imaging will detect changes in the emissions related to heat characteristics of equipment while Ultrasound Detection senses changes in sound patterns. Using both techniques will help validate operational status, for instance a leaking valve will be heard through headphones as a gurgling or rushing sound while a blockage will produce no sound, and valve blow-by in steam systems will produce a higher temperature reading downstream.

IR Camera Supply & Installation

We supply and install thermal imaging cameras to industrial premises, airports and buildings in remote locations for security and process related purposes, including bespoke thermal cameras in Ex housing for high noise high-temperature gas turbine enclosures. Our technicians operate worldwide, if you would like to know more – please feel free to contact us.

Supply & Retro-fit IR Windows

It is generally accepted that the older the asset, the greater the risk of Arc Flash incidents occurring. To inspect energised components inside an electrical enclosure, a thermographer must open the panel door or remove the access cover, this presents a significant hazard, introducing contaminants from the environment and presenting the potential for contact with live parts. To reduce these risks and improving the efficiency of IR/Visual inspections Geo Therm Ltd can either supply only or supply and retro-fit IR windows into enclosure doors or panel covers allowing all future in-house or external inspections to be performed quickly and safely. For additional information on IR inspection windows visit: Enquire Now